The Sleep or Die Book

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What’s in the book? Sleep Apnea is a killer. It’s in the news. Last week a study showed a clear correlation between all cancers and untreated Apneas.

Over thirty other afflictions are driven by untreated Apnea or associated with it.
Questions and answers. Apnea Avenger’s TOOLbox opens with these answers.


  • Why do we get Apnea?
  • What to do about it?
  • Why it feels like being hit by a truck.
  • Why sleep solo?
  • Why your partner will thank you!
  • How to design a personal approach.
  • Why Apnea can be deadly.
  • Why you should be optimistic!

With three approaches, this book addresses everyone’s issues. The Apneac, or person with Sleep Apnea, and those trying to sleep anywhere around them, the down-wind apneacs and second-hand snorers.

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